Sica Dawn

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Minneapolis grown and internationally recognized talent Sica Dawn offers unique skills for elite hair clients.  As a traveling hair stylist, Sica Dawn works as a Celebrity Stylist, Editorial Hair Stylist, International Educator, Brand Ambassador, Platform Artist, Fashion Week Lead and Support Stylist and Event Producer.  Sica Dawn is available for bookings locally and abroad.

About Sica Dawn

For over a decade Sica has focused her professional efforts not only on her own success, but also on collaborations with other stylists and artists from the Twin Cities, opening Fox Den Salon in 2007 as a way to bring progressive, sustainable, and attainable beauty to her neighborhood. She is constantly working to stay ahead of the cutting-edge in fashion, form and design through local training and events, large training programs, brand partnerships and completing multiple prestigious programs such as HAIR:MASTERED with Sam McKnight, and training with the peerless powerhouse of education, Vivienne Mackinder, Tearsheets Artists and Bangstyle in LA, and DJ RIggs and Berry Bachen of Maintentrance Artists in NYC.

Anyways, all credentials aside, Sica is a complete hair nerd and we all get it, but they’re also pretty chill and loves helping people be the best version of themselves.  Sica continues to exhibit that love both on the road and as the Owner and Creative Director of the multi-location Fox Den Salon in Uptown, Minneapolis.


Editorial Styling

Collaborating with photographers, stylists, designers and brands to create captivating collections is a passion of Sica Dawn.  Developing looks efficiently that demonstrate craftsmanship, ingenuiety, and trend-leading artistry makes this stylist a stand out in their field.

Product Look Books and Campaigns

Sica works with local and international brands to develop clean looks for promotional materials and buyers guides.  Developing strategic imagery to resonante with consumers and communicate brand identity is vital to their collaborative design work.

Runway Styling

Over a decade of working as a Producer, Lead Stylist, and  Support Stylist for countless Runway endeavors has provided a skillset to tackle any challenge.  Approaching runway and event styling with a mindful appreciation and efficient execution of tasks makes Sica Dawn a standout to any team. 

Wedding and Wedding Parties

In Minneapolis and abroad, Sica Dawn is in high demand for their wedding styling.  Working with Fox Den Salon in Minneapolis, the stylist has gained national attention for their unique bridal stylings and the comfort provided to guests and their wedding parties for nuptual-focused styling.

Pin-Up and Burlesque Styling

Enabling artistic expression in all forms is vital to Sica’s continuing craft.  Through years of building trust and supporting these communities has provided an understanding of the timeless art of classic vintage styling using both traditionally vintage and modern retro methodologies.  

Brand Collaborations

learn more about brands, media, education and partnerships that Sica Dawn has worked with below

Work with Sica

Sica Dawn is always accepting inquiries for new projects of varying mediums, time commitments, and skillsets.  Scheduling may be limited based on availability, and length of the project.

“There is no job too big, too small, too simple, or too weird when it comes to art. I work in everything from avant-garde studio styling and conceptual art in warehouses to walking the cliffs of malibu for lifestyle shooting to creating hair pieces for burlesque performers in Las Vegas to styling supermodels on runways in New York or applying highlighter for teenage senior pictures.

If you would like to book Sica as for an in-salon appointment or for bridal appointments, please schedule through Fox Den Salon, in Minneapolis.



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